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Seven Wonders of Trading

Seven Wonders of Trading is a Unique Masterpiece in the Trading world. It has strategies for traders, Investors and Portfolios

This program covers Equity, Futures, Stock Options, Index Options and Currency as well. Besides the 7 main wonders, the additional benefits including Live support, guidance and above all some major bonus wonders/strategies given make the program extremely powerful.

Be ready to make a radical change in the way you Trade!



Top Speakers

Prashant and Rahul have been teaching trading to hundreds of students every year since 2016.


Anytime, Anywhere

The course is digital and available on Catalyst Wealth online platform that can be accessed from any device 24x7.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you do not think our courses are awesome and super useful, send us an email and we will give you a complete refund.

Detailed Instructions

The course will provide 7 expert strategies coving 600 minutes of expert, in-depth training on how to initiate your trading career. 

Trading Support

An exclusive whatsapp group that will be used to provide trading support.

About Prashant Sawant

Prashant has a very strong corporate profile and worked as a Vice President in one of the biggest Investment banks on Wall Street.

Trading was always his passion and the very decision to move out of his corporate career was based on his belief in Trading as a process and as a business to give a consistent source of income.

He realised later that people around are not able to reach their goals or rather not able to set them. Their Goals were set by their firms and hence were aligned to the firm’s interest instead of an individual’s growth.

This is exactly when he decided he should train people around to provide them with knowledge, which would not only stay with them lifelong but also ensure that they would be able to achieve better Goals.

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The Course Content

The following topics will be covered in class:

  1. Wonder 1: Noiseless Charts (Swing & Positional)
  2. Wonder 2: Portfolio Building using Magic Channels (Positional & Investment)
  3. Wonder 3: Volatility Bands (Swing Trade with Highest Risk to Reward Ratio)
  4. Wonder 4: Momentum Trading (Swing and Options)
  5. Wonder 5: Super Trend (Strong Indicator based Swing, Positional and Intraday)
  6. Wonder 6: Options Trading with Price Action
  7. Wonder 7: Secret Key to Options Trading (Stock Options, Monthly Index Options & Weekly Index Options Expiry Trading)
  8. Bonus: Basic Of Options from Options Demystified

How To Register For The Course

As soon as you purchase the course, you will get an email with the login instructions to your account on our Catalyst Wealth portal.

Originally INR 2,67,500

INR 99,000

All Inclusive

  • 600+ minutes of Video
  • 7 Expert Strategies
  • Bonus Videos
  • Live support on WhatsApp
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

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